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Tattered Scalloped Rose Tutorial

A sweet lady wrote to me and

asked me if I could do a

tutorial on the roses that

are on my Flower Girl Baskets

and Ring Bearer Pillows ~

I actually bought those at a

scrapbooking store and hadn't even

tried making them ~

But today I wanted to give it a

whirl and make a larger size one ~

So here goes a quick tutorial

on what I did ~

Remember nothing is set in stone

so you can play around with

the sizes ~

1. Tear a strip of muslin 2 x 38 inches ~

2. Fold it into fourths and cut

scallops ~

3. Gather one side close to the edge ~

4. Roll in one side about 2 times

and glue it down ~

5. Glue it standing upright on to

a piece of felt ~

6. Glue it around and around

the base until all of your

muslin is used up ~ Tuck it

as close as possible to the base

piece as you go around ~

7. Cut the back of the felt off

in a circle to your glue ~

I rubbed mine with my hand

to give it a tattered look ~

If you want it tea dyed then

just dip it in tea and squish out

the excess ~

Sit it out in the sun

until it is dry ~

I kind of separate the petals

to lay them out a bit ~

I LOVE this look alot !!

I think

it is my favorite !

Just a little FYI ...

There is a sale going on

at my website until October 14th ~

Come on over !

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Tattered Scalloped Rose Tutorial + TIME