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Canton Junkin' and What are These ....

Last week I got to go junkin'

in Canton Texas ~ If you have

followed my blog for very long

then you know it is one of my

favorite times of the month!!

I LOVE it!!

Here are some of the wayyyy cool

things that I found ~

But....right as I was leaving

I saw these ( see pics below )

and for some reason really like them ~

The guy selling them said they are

grain buckets ~

Does anyone know if that is what they are?

I just know they would make

the coolest little thingies to hold

stuff but I haven't figured out

how or what to do with them yet ~

I love the colors and the rust ~

So very Vintage Farmhouse ~

They have 2 holes in the back

that are perfect for hanging ~

I need to scour Pinterest I am thinking ~

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Canton Junkin' and What are These .... + Vintage Farmhouse