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Sneak Peeks!

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors is doing

"31 Days Blog to Biz" and on Day 14

she gave a Gutsy Junk Challenge ~

Here is what she said to do ~

"1. Choose an unlikely something or other.

2. Walk around the house with it.

3. Then put it to work in a way you've never seen done before.

Don't worry if it isn't a prize winner.

That's not the point.

The point is YOU stretching your OWN imagination

and not fearing what someone else will say."

Then there is going to be a

'She's Got Guts!' link party
Wed Oct 19

Got the guts to link up? :)

The whole point is stretching beyond

our comfort zone ~

So back to the grain buckets that I

didn't even know what they were when

I got them ~

I wayyy stretched and am working

on some things with them that I am

going to be adding to the link ~

It has been a fun challenge!

Here is just a sneak peek :)

Ohhh and while I am at sneak peeks ~

Here is a Christmas stocking I

will be putting on my website ~

I am really really denying the reality

that summer is over ~

I love sunshine and warm weather

( not the hot we had in Texas though

I have to say ) ~

Check back on the 19th to see the

whole grain bucket projects ~

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Sneak Peeks! + sunshine