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Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

This year I wanted all
of my Christmas decorating
to be creams, burlap,
mercury glass and greens ~

The challenge was to
take things I had and
kind of recreate them
and also to use things
that I had around
my home already ~

We have an artificial tree
but I wanted fresh greens
for the awesome smell ~
I went to Lowes and they
gave me cuttings that
were just laying around
from their fresh
Christmas trees ~ It was
awesome!! I left
with an armload ~

Then I got some of my old
glass ornaments and
washed them in warm sudsy
water to make them
turn into a wonderful
mercury glass ~

Next I took a wreath that
was shoved in the attic
and took off all the old
decorations ~

Then I added
clippings from the greens
all over and used
some hydrangea
blossoms that were still
on bushes ~
Then added some of the
mercury balls that
I had washed ~

This is our mantel with
stocking for my precious
grand babies ~

I am still using the
hydrangeas that
I showed you in this post ~
The colors have faded
but they work great for
my tree ~

My armful of greens
helped create all of
these simple little
Christmas vignettes
and it smells great!

Have fun decorating!


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Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas + Mercury glass