Cottage & Family + Santa

Babies Getting to See Santa!!

We have had so much
fun this Christmas
season having two
babies to celebrate

We really wanted to
take them to see Santa
even though we thought
they may cry ~

Isaac sat on his lap
kind of not sure
what we were doing
and Ellie slept through
the whole event ~

We saw Santa at
Bass Pro Shop so there
were some other things
to do while we were there ~

The babies tried out
camping chairs ~

They got to take their
first Merry Go Round ride ~

Hung out with Daddy ~

Sat on a buffalo ~

And last ... sat
in front of a huge fireplace ~

Ellie, Noah & Stephanie

Isaac, Kristin & James

Babies with
Grammy & Grampy ~
(Grampy was on his way to work)

Merry Christmas!!

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Babies Getting to See Santa!! + Santa