Cottage & Family + TIME

Craziness !!!

I am lost deep in the depths

of cleaning my studio ~

I figured since I had a trail from

the door to my sewing machine

and to my computer that it was

time to clean and destash like


I have so much stuff that I think

I might use to create with ....

Stuff to do photo vignettes with ....

and just stuff I am not sure why with ~

Anyway ... so I have been pulling things

out and trying to list stuff in

my flea market category that I won't use

anymore ~ And also taking a bunch to

the thrift store that I don't feel

like listing because I am over it ~

These pictures are to make you all

feel really good about yourself and

to keep me accountable to finish ~

I am such a candidate for

Where Women Create aren't I ~ Hahaha !!

Alrighty I am back to burying myself

in "STUFF" ~

Update #1

I need a gazillion plastic bins !!

Update #2 ~ 8:08 p.m.

Oh my gosh I can see the floor ~

I need to stop and spend time with my hubby

but just maybe it will be done in

ohhhhh about a week !

destash, good, studio, and more:

Craziness !!! + TIME