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Pocket Pillow Tutorial

Today I wanted to show you

a quick and easy way to make

a Pocket Pillow out of a pillowcase ~

The first thing to do is rip the front

from the back ~ I just snip a little

on the sides and top and

then rip the rest ~

Next figure out what size you

would like it to be lengthwise

and again snip and rip ~

Then fold up the amount you would

like to be your pocket ~

Then bring the rest of the

fabric over your pocket so that

right sides are together ~

Do whatever size you like ~

Cut the extra fabric off the bottom

Pin and sew leaving an opening

at the bottom for stuffing ~

Then turn right side out and iron

folding the bottom opening

so that you can stitch it closed ~

I love to add a little lavender

to the stuffing because ...

I LOVE lavender :)

After stuffing hand sew

the bottom closed ~

The really fun part is embellishing!

I took an old doily and added

a rose to the top of it and then

glued it on using Fabri Tac ~

To make this a hanging pocket pillow

I cut a piece of ribbon and glued

it to each top corner ~ then I added

some ribbon bows ~

I did a tutorial on how to crinkle

the ribbon here ~

Then I added a vintage photo

and a piece of hymnal music ~

That is it ... super easy and fun!

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