Cottage & Family + TIME

Painting, Sewing & Cleaning ....

I am getting there and it

ROCKS my socks off!!

My studio/office is getting clean ~

In between organizing ... I am still

painting, sewing and listing

things on my website ~

Here are just a few things that

have been added ~

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint not only

works great for furniture but for

small things too!

I got these super cute

linen bags in that I just love!

For a limited time

you can get a FREE cosmetic bag

with every Linen bag purchased ~

FREE !!!

Next is a progress picture ~

The top shelf needs done still

but I can see the floor and

the fabric and other stuff is all in bins ~

I needed to use plastic bins

so I can see what is in there ~

It would be fun to use cute baskets

but it would not be functional for me ~

I am off to make some roses ~ Chat soon!

Annie Slaon Chalk Paint, free, linen bags, love, and more:

Painting, Sewing & Cleaning .... + TIME