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All About Bags

Yesterday for some reason it

was all about the bags !

I have burlap bags and muslin bags

that have been in my studio for a few months

and for some reason

all of a sudden they were calling my name ~

These are what I worked on ~

So seriously ............

I am supposed to be organizing this closet

that I have put off for ohhhh about 10 years ~

We are getting new hardwood floors though

so it is a necessity of life unless the workers

want to get killed when they open it ~

Why in the heck do I have this closet and

how in the heck did it get like this !!

Oh my gosh !

Okay off to organize and toss !

WAIT !! I have worked for 10 minutes and I am

at a stand still ~

For all of your organizy type gals out there ~

What if I have something that

I think is cute or pretty and I really like

it but don't have a clue what to do with it ???

Here is an example ... she is darling but I won't

put her out because she doesn't go with

my decor ~

Do I save her for grandkids one day? ~

Do I put her out on Easter? ~

This is just one example of ..... ohhhh quite

a few things ~

(Oh my gosh, is this what hoarders think ??)

What do I do ?


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