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Ruffled Muslin Pillow Tutorial

I am almost done with my website transfer ~


So right in the middle of it I decided it was time to make

a pillow ~ my brain kind of works that way !! I think it is

not being able to focus or something :)

Anyway .... this pillow is super easy because the edges of

the ruffle are raw it is just rip and sew ~

First, I am using an 18 inch pillow form so I cut the front 19 inches

and the back I am buttoning so cut 2 pieces 19 by 13.5 ~

In the back fold over 4 inches and iron ~

Next, pin and sew with right sides together

overlapping the ironed

back just a bit ~

Then you make a button hole and sew on

a button for your closure ~

You can do the button hole before you

sew it together if you would like ~

Next I ripped muslin in strips of 6 inches wide ~

The ruffle needs to be about 2.5 times

the length of your side for ruffling ~

I have a ruffle attachment that I did

mini pleats with but you don't

have to have one, you can just gather

as you normally would ~

Then I laid the pillow front side

down and pinned the ruffle

to the front and sewed it on just guiding

my foot along the

pillow edge ~

I sewed ruffles to just two sides ~

This is what it looks like from the front ~

After it is all done you can leave it

as it is or embellish the front

with something ~ I added a big rose

made out of the same

muslin that is pinned on ~

That is all and it is really quick !

This is another pillow that I made ~ It is out of a tablecloth

like the ones I have for sale on my website ~

I ended up making 3 for my couch because they

were so quick and easy !!

Do you notice my tea stained couch is white again ?

Well after spending Christmas and

New Years with the whole

family staying here along with 4 dogs with

wet muddy feet (even though

we wiped them off )

the slipcovers got bleached a few times ~

I love it this color but wow it is hard to keep clean !

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Ruffled Muslin Pillow Tutorial + TIME