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Broken Camera & Free Shipping

Oh my goodness it has been tooo long since

I have done a blog post !!

I cannot believe how fast time flies !

Yesterday I took all of the new stuff I have

been working on and some of my recent Canton finds

outside to take pictures ~

I love to take them outside because there is about a half hour

in the day when the sun is just right ~

Well I am primping and clicking away and then

came in to download my pictures ~

AHHHHHH my camera died !! Not one of the pictures came out

and of course I had not been checking them along the way ~

I am not sure why ~

Sooooo I have really loved my Canon Rebel but I am going to

see if I can find a little camera that will take great close ups

but that will also be handy to carry with me places ~

I also wanted to let you know that

we have free shipping right now

with any order of $30 or more at

Katies Rose Cottage Designs ~

Start thinking Christmas gifts :)

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Broken Camera & Free Shipping + TIME