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Tornado Creations

So suddenly ( well not so suddenly, I guess ) I realize

that fall is here and winter is coming~

I am not like 99.9% of the world who love

cold weather so I am somewhat disturbed by the thought ~

Today I had plans to take some new pictures and it POURED

along with thunder, lightning and the tornado siren ~

I remember when we first moved to Texas from California .... we

would get in the bathtub with a mattress over our head for

every siren ~ It was so exciting !

That passed after the first couple of years of life here and instead

I made pocket pillows during the possible lurking tornado ~

The lighting once again stunk so I had

to take these pictures with a flash which is a TOTAL no no !

Anyhow here are some pictures of things I made and

listed during the hubbub of my workshop

flooding and the sirens blaring ~

( I don't sew in my workshop )

You can find all of this at Katies Rose Cottage ~

German glass glitter, lampshades, love, MAD, pearls, pocket pillows, and more:

Tornado Creations + vintage