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Crinkled Ribbon Tutorial

I just love crinkled dyed ribbon for using on my projects ~

This is a tutorial on how to make it yourself ~

First you get whatever color ribbon you want to use ~

I use seam binding for the ribbon because I love how it feels ~

Then you soak it in either tea or instant coffee ~

I scrunch mine in a ball and wrap it in about 3 rubber bands ~

Then I sit it out in the sun and as it dries it gets a wonderful aged look especially on the outside edges ~

After it has dried about 3/4 of the way, I take the bands off and kind of loosely spread the ribbon out to dry in the sun ~

Every once in awhile I go and turn the ribbon until it is completely dry ~

Then it is ready to use on your projects ~

I just love love crinkled dyed ribbon !

If you don't want to try it, I do have some for sale on my website here ~

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Crinkled Ribbon Tutorial + love