Cottage & Family + vintage pocket pillows

Stuff I Created in the Ice

Alaska is beautiful but thank you Jesus
that I don't live there !

I tried to venture out today for the first time

since Monday and didn't make it to the neighbors

without almost sliding in a ditch

and then into a mailbox ~

soooo..... I backed my hiney ( and car ) home ~

I can't wait to see the sunshine melt this ice away !

I wasn't going to show you more ruffles but

well .......... hmmmm ~

There is not a whole lot new in my world ;)

This is what I have been working on this week ~

When I can get out and the warm weather hits I will be

doing a happy dance and singing !!

That is a scary thought but that is okay !

beautiful, burlap bags, happy, home, icy days, ruffles, sunshine, TIME, and more:

Stuff I Created in the Ice + vintage pocket pillows