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The Red Shed

The other day I was Christmas shopping and for some reason

the grouchy people were really starting to get to

what is a girl to do when it was no fun anymore ?

Go antiquing !

The Red Shed was where I decided to go and it was

definitely a wonderful place to get away from the rat race of

the mall and Target ~

I actually went for that "I just need to have some empty head time" ~

Well in all reality my head was going crazy with all of the awesomeness

and how I could use it for my current redecorating ~

For some reason that sort of crazy headness was alot more fun !!!

Valarie helped me with an empty wall of my house and I

got the coolest architectural piece that they picked up in Minnesota ~

Anyway here are some pictures of the wonderfulness that I

saw ~

Okie dokie back to wrapping :)

( Well really hanging stuff on my wall )

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