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Chihuly Chandelier Inspired by Mr E

This is my latest project--- now currently residing in my dining room, by hopefully making its way back to school! For the past year I have been planning to do a large scale Chihuly projects. Last year I collected hundreds and hundreds of soda and water bottles (so many that my art room began resembling a recycling center or landfill). Initially I was planning on using them to create swirls to fasten together to make a Chihuly inspired chandelier. But recently I saw a awesome project on Mr E's art blog for a funky Chihuly chandelier and I knew this was just what my hundreds of bottles were destined for! I followed his wonderful instructions, and threw in a few swirly cut up bottles in a well for a little extra funk. My chandelier (which was created by 1st and 2nd grade students), has a framework of a tomato cage wrapped in chicken wire. The tissue paper wrapped bottles are fastened onto the frame with strong wire.

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Chihuly Chandelier Inspired by Mr E + TIME