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Dallas Home & Gift Show

It is the Dallas Home & Gift Show time again and I was so anxious to see what the new stuff is going to be for next year ~

"Market" is only twice a year in Dallas ~ once in January and then in June ~ We displayed in January but aren't this time ~ We will be back there in January again though :)

There were alot of bright colors but my favorite were the creamy items ~ They were everywhere which thrilled me because I LOVE them ~

Here are just a few pictures of some yummy things ~ some of which we will have in our shop ~

I want this sofa ~ It had a print on it too which is hard to see ~

This is a lamp that was beyond amazing !

There is free food and drinks everywhere ~ this is at one of the showrooms for a Mexican lunch ~ You definitely do not leave hungry at the end of the day ~

Well I am off to scour my catalogs that I collected and hit it again tomorrow and Sunday

I am supposed to be in Las Vegas with my hubby but the flights were packed full so market it is ~

It is fun though !

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Dallas Home & Gift Show + TIME