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Doggie Post

I just have to do the doggie post ~

Forever my girls begged to have a dog but I knew that mommy would be the one doing all of the work soooo we said no dog for years ~

Well we finally gave in when they were older and got a Shih tzu named Katie ~ She is 9 now ~

About a year ago we got another one to keep Katie company ~ his name is Kolby ~

Since we got Katie my sister has one, my niece has one and now our girls are married and they both have one ~

This is the newest addition ~ his name is Kirby and he is soooo darn cute !! He is our youngest daughter's ~

We took them all for a walk yesterday and Kirby is only 4 pounds ~ he was trying to keep up with just the biggest smile on his face ~ They are soooo CUTE !!

They are happy and adorable and bring us tons of love and laugher ~

Have a fun weekend !

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Doggie Post + Shih tzu