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Mini File Folders

I was all inspired this afternoon and have a gazillion projects all over the house and none of them are complete ~ Right in the middle of my gazillion projects I decided to read blog updates and saw Diane Knott's mini file folder tutorial ~

I just had to make one right then ~ then I remembered reading on Lisa's blog about the cute little bubble thingies ( it is not a tutorial but as cute as can be ) so I had to do those while I was at it ~

Ummmm that is pretty much how my brain works ~ It is always going all over the place and at one time ~ Isn't that how right brained people are ??? I tell myself that at least ~

I bought this wayyyy cute paper at Anthologies and wanted to use it so bad so I did ~ I did my first mini file folder upside down ~ HMMMMM there goes one piece of paper down the tubes ~

Then I used the other piece to make my other file folder and the magnets ~ I cannot wait to make more because they were easy as can be ( well after I figured out how to make them not upside down ) and fun too !

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Mini File Folders + Make Miine Pink