Cottage & Family + TIME

Love California!

My husband and I got
to spend a week at the
central coast of California
visiting with family ~
That is where we are from
so it is going home for us ~

When I go back I often
am amazed at what I took
for granted when
we lived there ~
I just LOVE the beach and
LOVE the mountains that
you have to drive over
to get to the beach ~

This is Avila Beach
where I spent so many
days in the summers~
I want to come spend
a week just here now ❤

Who would have thought
that swinging on the beach
could be the most fun ever!!

I LOVE my mom and dad's house
that is on a mountain that
overlooks 3 towns ~

I LOVE driving the winding
roads seeing the beautiful
wineries and vineyards that
are everywhere ~

Spending time in California
with my family that lives
there is just some
of our best times!

This is my sister, Kim
and I in Morro Bay~

Thankfully we get to
go back a few times a year
which is a blessing for sure!

Lots of hugs,

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Love California! + TIME