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Welcome my Daughter, Kristin

I am really excited to
have my daughter Kristin
join me at Katies Rose Cottage!

From Kristin.....

I am so excited to be starting this adventure with my mom :)
It is a joy to be able to work with her,
learn from her,
and get to indulge in
all things vintage! Here's a little about me~

My husband James and I have been married for 5 years
and we have a
little baby boy on the way (due less a couple of weeks from now!).
We are so excited and blessed to be parents and
I cannot wait to share our
little family with you as we grow!
I love to travel, so having a pilot for a dad and a travel photographer
for a husband works out perfectly
;) I adore cooking, creating, and all things vintage!
I've been
praying about God's direction for my job
for about three years and
with a little one on the way, I knew I had to make a change and start
doing something that will spark my passions
. While I've always wanted
to own my own business as so many member's
of my family do, the
opportunity just never presented itself.
However, going on all of my
mom's shopping adventures,
rummaging through her office to create new
treasures, and seeing the joy she has
in her job made me secretly want
to work alongside her.
Then, as I watched her grow in her business,
God did an amazing work!
He opened the door for me to partner with my
mom so I can finally do what I am so passionate about :)
I am thrilled
and blessed to have the opprtunity
to work along side of a godly,
creative, and beautiful woman, my mom :)

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Welcome my Daughter, Kristin + TIME