Cottage & Family + TIME

Craziness & Picnik Closing ....

Life has been craziness the last 2 months

with some family things that have

taken my attention ~

Times like these completely make me

realize what truly are

the most important things !

On another subject though ......

So I kind of freaked out a bit when I heard

Picnik is closing !! Oh my goodness !!

I am a total computer

goofball and learn my thing

to do on my computer and

once I get it that is it .....

don't throw new stuff in there

because my brain freezes!!

I have been using Picnik since

the beginning of Picnik

( however long that is ) and now

I have been trying to teach

myself how to do my photos in

Photoshop Elements ~

I have been doing the pictures with

the frame thing forever ~

and now they are frame-less .........

which I kinda like !

I am all about a clean look and it makes

my website look less cluttered ~

Haha.... you wouldn't know that I don't have

a drop of A type personality

in my body by that statement!

Anyway today I added more things to my website

and am trying to transition my brain and website

over to Photoshop Elements pictures ~

I am going to kind of miss the

collage thing though !!

Does anyone know how to do collages with

anything else besides Picnik ?

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Craziness & Picnik Closing .... + TIME