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Burlap Rose Tutorial

I wanted to give you a quick

tutorial on how to make a burlap

rolled rose ~

Do you notice all my tutorials

are quick and easy :)

I don't like anything that takes

a gazillion years to do ~

The first thing you do is cut a strip

of burlap fabric or use burlap ribbon ~

My strip is about 2 inches wide ~

I forgot to measure the length but

it is about 1/2 yard ~

Tie a knot in the end ~

Kind of fold it in half and twist while

gluing with hot glue as you go around ~

Continue until you have made

it the size that you want it to be ~

Then take the end and glue to the

back of the rose ~

On this one I added a piece of

vintage jewelry for some bling ~

You can use these for tons of things

Here are just a few examples ~

Have fun creating!!

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