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Ticking Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Today was one of those

random days where I go from

one project to another and

create a disaster everywhere I go ....

Actually most days are like that :)

While I was creating I took some

pictures along the way to show

you a quick and easy

Christmas stocking ~

I tea dyed the stocking first ~

If you don't have one I have

blank tea dyed ones here for sale ~

Then ripped two 2.5 inch

strips of ticking ~

I gathered mine on my sewing

machine but you can also gather

by hand ~

Next use a fabric glue

( my ultimate favorite is

Fabri Fix ) to glue the

gathered ticking strips on to the

cuff of the stocking ~

Just glue them where you like the

way they look ~

Next I made some rolled roses

out of tea dyed muslin and also

a tea dyed tag for a name ~

I tied the tag with jute and then

glued it on with the roses on top ~

That is it !!

This stocking is for sale on my

website if you don't want to make one ~

Chat soon!

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Ticking Christmas Stocking Tutorial + tutorial