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Baby Shoes & Randomness

I just adore little vintage

baby shoes ~ There is just

something so very precious

about them!

Today I was trying to decide

if I could actually part with

any ~ I took some pictures and

haven't listed them yet on my website

because I am not sure if I can :)

Do you ever get things to sell you just

have a hard time parting with ?

I am in love with Dawn's Baby Pincushions

so maybe that is what I will do with them ~

You can get a tutorial from her here ~

On a totally different subject .....

I have been playing around with my

blog since Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

told us about purchasing our own

blog domain ~

I went from a blogspot URL to my own

and also added a favicon ~ I am

so excited!! I have only changed the

favicon about 6 times because I wanted

a picture but they are really hard

to see so tiny ~ It was stinkin' scary

for me to switch to my own URL ~

I am totally not computer saavy and

was freaking out that I would lose

my whole blog ~ It took about

72 hours for the switch to take place

but I think it is done now ~

Do you see me at a blogspot URL

or at ?

Also do you see the BIG ORANGE BLOG favicon

or just the letters KRC ? I am just

curious since I really haven't a clue

what I am doing ~

Ohhhh I thought I was actually done

blabbing but I wanted to let you know that

I have 10% off my website from now

until November 2 ~

Okay I am done :)

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Baby Shoes & Randomness + TIME