Cottage & Family + vintage Bibles

Treasures from the Past

When you go out junkin' do you

collect things to sell ~ to recreate

something from the past that

becomes a new treasure for someone else ~

I love to get things for my home

but I can only have so much before

it becomes hoarder status ~

So.....I am mostly on the hunt for

things to put on my website ~

While I was in Kansas I got

two Bibles that I thought would be

awesome to take the pages from

and use in pocket pillows or for

who knows what else but they are aged

so perfectly!

As I took them out and really looked at

them (which I don't really do

when I am on the search) .....

I started to think about where they have

been ... what stories they had to tell...

Was this little Bible carried

to a church like this ~

or this ~

Was this larger Bible in a families house

out on a prairie somewhere ~ Did they

find comfort in its pages during

hard times ...

Where have they been through the years

to end up in a flea market in 2011 ~

Precious treasures from the past

are the things that we collect ...

whether to recreate with or to

cherish as they are ~

flea market treasures, home, love, TIME, and more:

Treasures from the Past + vintage Bibles