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Summer Lovin Junkin'

It was one of my most favorite times of the month

last weekend .......... Canton!!!

What is it about junkin' that is

sooooo much fun ???

I LOVE it !!

Canton is full of junk places to dig

through stuff and

full of places to get beautiful things that

are displayed gorgeous!!

This month I went with my two girls,

Kristin and Stephanie

and our friend, Bethany ~

Our first stop was Laurieanna's Vintage Home

which is always amazing !!

She has such a wonderful talent of making

her shop over the top gorgeous!

I am kind of

wondering why this guy

never unloads his trailer ~

I think I have taken the same

picture before ..... like maybe 2 years ago ~

See that fence gate wayyyyy on the bottom..... I want it !

I am not thinking that this bike cuts

it for my beach cruiser ~

But there were tons of them

and they would be super cute

in the yard with flowers ~

I bought some flowers here because she

had them displayed in old stuff and they were so cute!!

Two of the 3 girls ended up with puppies ~

We wanted to "save" them all but couldn't ~

I have been adding some of the things

I got at Canton and to my shop and

will continue to this week ~

I already can't wait until next month !!

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Summer Lovin Junkin' + TIME