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Solder Tutorial

I decided it was time to do a quick solder tutorial with this sooo sweet bird stamp ~

So here it goes ~

Step 1: Cut out your image ~ one for the front and one for the back ~

The same size as the glass you will use ~ I am using 2x3 inch glass ~

Step 2 : Glue the front image to the back image and then place between

your 2 pieces of glass ~

Step 3 : Line the edge of the glass with copper tape ~

Step 4 : Press down the tap with a bone folder ~

Step 5 : Put flux on the tape or the solder will not stick to it ~

I use Simply Swank Flux ~

Step 6 : Use solder and a solder gun and line the copper tape ~

The solder will flow right on to the tape ~

Step 7 : I put 2 rings on the top of this one but you can use as many as you

want ~

Step 8 : Tie with ribbon ~ I am not sure what I will do with this

but it will be on a project soon ~

I have some supplies on clearance and you can also get them at Simply Swank
and it is all pink too !!

I have also purchased alot of my glass here ~

soldered charm, TIME, and more:

Solder Tutorial + tutorial