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Market Day 2

It is 10:36 p.m. and I just walked in the door from day 2 at market ~ The day starts early there since we arrive about 7:30 ~ Ohhhhh my gosh I think I am tired ~

But.... it was a really really fun day ~ It is so great to get to meet in person people that I have talked to through blogs or websites ~ Yesterday was fun too meeting people and seeing friends but I didn't even think of taking pictures ~ So today I got a few ~

My daughter, Stephanie just got back from her honeymoon late last night and came up to see me ~ she is so precious and we had fun walking around for a bit and seeing things ~

Brenda from Just a Bed of Roses and her daughter Shellie came by ~ it was awesome to get to meet them after feeling like I have already known them for a few years ~

I hope the other ladies come back by so I can get pictures of them ~ hint, hint .....

This is a picture of the Vintage Rose Boutiques gals at the end of the day ~

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Market Day 2 + hope