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Vacation Part 2

The second half of our California vacation was visiting our family on the central coast ~

My parents live in the home that my grandpa and grandma lived in for a few years ~ They live up on a hill that overlooks 2 towns and it is gorgeous ~ there is something about having an amazing view from your home that is wonderful to a girl living in Texas ~ they also have deer in their yard that I love to see but my parents aren't overly thrilled with them since they tend to try and eat all of their pretty flowers ~

These are hollyhocks that my grandma planted years ago and every year they bloom ~

The area they live in is known for its wineries and olives ~ we didn't go wine tasting this time but we did go to some olive tasting rooms and they were so yummy ! We also went to some of my favorite antique stores and some fun thrift stores ~

Before we left I got to go through my grandma's buttons ~ I remember when I was a little girl loving to see her jars of color coordinated buttons ~ She even took the time with some to thread the like buttons together on a single strand of thread ~ I can't imagine taking the time to do that ~~ it is so neat ~
The jars that she used were old baby food jars and peanut butter jars with the prices of 49 cents still on them ~

Vacation is over for now and it is good to be home ~

Talk to you soon !! I am off to add goodies to my website and catch up ~

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Vacation Part 2 + TIME