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Tie Dye

My sister and niece are here right now from California so I have been spending most of my time with them and my two girls ~ we are having a great time visiting and shopping and just goofing around ~

My daughter's boyfriend made her a tie dye shirt ~ some girls on campus at their college were making them and he thought he would give it a try and then gave it to her ~ well we decided that we needed him to teach us how to do it because we thought it would be fun to wear them on our family vacation in October to Disneyworld ~ it was so much fun, we ran to Wal Mart and got all of the dye and T-shirts and became hippies for the day ~ It was a crack up because we were tie dying everything we could find that was white ~

Here are a few pictures of the end products ~

This is my sister, Kim making one for her husband ~

This is my neice ~

This is me ~

These are my two girls' creations ~

We had t-shirts hanging everywhere ~

Sooo this is where I have been but I can tell you that my market orders are arriving so they will be on the website soon !

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