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Flea Market Sunday

Well it looks like California won't be happening this vacation soooo when all else fails, the flea market is always fun ~ well.... for me at least ~ My husband doesn't think it is all that fun ~

I just love to see what treasures that I can find ~ sometimes there are alot and sometimes there are just one or two ~ For the last 5 years I have gone to one of my favorites that was only 5 miles from my house ~ they sold the property so it isn't there any more but had been since the 1920's ~ I am so sad because it was so close to me and I always found tons of goodies ~

The one I went to today is every weekend and is about 40 minutes away ~ but it does have all different kinds of things to dig through ~
These are a few things I picked up today that will be on my website in the Vintage Finds category soon

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Flea Market Sunday + TIME