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Pink Impact * Crowned For Greatness

I just finished attending an amazing conference at Gateway Church in Texas called "Pink Impact Crowned for Greatness" ~ it was 3 days of amazing music and speakers ~ the speakers were Tony Evans wife, Lois Evans and Christine Caine from Hillsong Church in Australia ~

I loved the name of the conference ~ what it means is that as women we have can make a huge impact on the world and we are crowned for greatness because we are children of the heavenly king ~
It was so much fun to see all of the decorations because they were so what I love ~ pink and crowns ~

The flower bouquets all had sweet little tiaras or crowns ~ your ticket in to the conference was a little rhinestone crown pin ~ even the bathrooms were all decorated with pink and crowns ~ it was soooo girly !

I can't wait until next year !! I don't think it will come fast enough ~

I am on the far right and my daughter is sitting next to me ~ the other ladies are some friends that went with us ~

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Pink Impact * Crowned For Greatness + Room