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Dallas Gift Market * Day 2

Ohhhh what a fun day !!! Market Day 2 !!!
Remember how I said I was going to get up bright and early to beat the crowds, well.... I didn't ~ I got there about 9:00 in the morning and hoped to get a decent parking spot but knew it would probably be on the top floor of the parking garage ~ the parking garage is off in the distance on the left of this picture ~

Well 30 minutes later we got routed in front of the Dallas Children's Hospital to park, which is 2 exits away from the Market Center ~ it was a nice brisk walk in the freezing weather to the buildings ~

Once I got in, I decided that I was not leaving until I saw pretty much everything ~ it is HUGE so I was there all day ~

There were tons of pretties and I definitely spent my allotment ~ I can't wait to get it all !!! There were alot of apothecaries and cloches, which I love ! They had everything in them and they are great because you can change them with the seasons ~ I also noticed alot of birds and bird nests which are so sweet ~

I love anything Wendy Addison ! The pink Christmas in my previous post and this Christmas tree are all her things ~

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Dallas Gift Market * Day 2 + spring